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Planning ahead is certainly not a new concept. We plan for our wedding, our children's education, family vacations, prepare our wills, and some even purchase cemetery spaces. The benefits for preparing for the future has prompted many to take the step to pre-plan their own funeral.

Advantages Of Planning Your Funeral Arrangements

* Placing your wishes down in writing is the most important thing, ensuring your final wishes will be fulfilled. That way, there is no confusion about your intentions at the time of your death.
* Pre-planning provides you with the time needed to make practical, detailed decisions that reflect your lifestyle, taste, beliefs, and budget.
* Pre-planning lifts the burden from their loved ones by relieving decision-making pressure at a time of grief and emotional stress..

You may also chose to prepay your funeral expenses. By prepaying for your funeral arrangements, you lock in your service at today's price. We guarantee the total price of the funeral (services charges and merchandise only) will never increase. Cash Advanced Items, such as cemetery charges, obituary notices, certified copies of death certificate, etc., may increase. These are charges outside of the funeral home's control. Funds the funeral home receives towards a prepaid funeral are placed into an Irrevocable Life Insurance Policy. This policy is payable to the Funeral Home, in accordance with state law. No one can access these funds or cancel the policy. By Law, the policy may only be cashed in at the time of death. NO FUNDS remain in the funeral home account.

Because death is difficult to discuss, often times your final wishes may not be known by your family. This clearly makes pre-planning a wise decision. To assist those who are considering making these important arrangements, we provide an online form to begin the pre-planning process.
Personal Information
(First MI Last):
Marital Status:   Social Security #:
Date of Birth: Place Of Birth:
City: State:
County: Zip:
Phone: E-mail:
Spouse's Name: Spouse's Maiden Name:
Place of
Date of Marriage:
Father's Name: Mother's Name:
Mother's Maiden Name:
Person in Charge:
Physician's Name:

Work/Education History
Education (0-12):
College 1-5+:
Schools Attended and Graduation Years

Military Record
Branch of Service: Serial Number:
Date Enlisted: Rank At Discharge:
Date Discharged: Discharge On File At:
Copy of Discharge Papers:     Yes     No
Name Of Wars:

Funeral Service Request
Place Of Service:
Length of Visitation:
Hours of Visitation:
Religious Denomination:
Place Of Worship:

Newspaper Information (
Please list family members)
Great Grandchildren:
List any other significant relatives :

Special Instructions
Lodges, Organizations, Unions, and Offices held:
Person in Charge of Final Arrangements:
Clothing Preference: My own Other
Funeral Luncheon Site:

Disposition Request
I Prefer:
Address: Phone:
Lot #:
Grave #:

If cremation, final disposition of cremated remains should be?
Burial Location:
Scattering Location:

Other Instructions

Memorials/Donations To Charity

Please select all that apply:
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